Lifestyle · August 9, 2021


2021, Sydney – Photographer: Michael Scheller

I have yearnings.

My name is Joisi Freire, I’m thirty-three years old, I was born in the East of São Paulo.  I had been living in Brazil until I was thirty-one, and now I have been living in Australia for just over two years.  I spent about a year and a half in Melbourne, where I lived six months of beautiful discoveries and then the pandemic started. It’s been seven months of intense lockdown and I almost lost my lucidity.  Seriously, I almost went crazy, life ran over me.

With the lockdown having its rules loosened and me regaining my sanity, several things happened and I found myself moving to Sydney, it’s been another six months of beautiful discoveries and intense summer. Now I’m here, in winter, living another lockdown, more experienced and not letting me consume.

I love writing, some of my friends hate that I love writing. I’m the type who sends huge texts and if not texts, audios with no less than a minute.

But I also remain silent; being a practitioner of Yoga and meditation, I have improved the art of listening, listening to myself, and listening to others.

I look for connections, I don’t want to merely meet people, I don’t want to have a gigantic network of friends, I never wanted to, I want to truly connect with the people I meet on my way, get to know each other, know their yearnings, desires, share and add to each other. 

I still haven’t found myself and it’s hard to even say what I’m looking for. Creating this space, sharing my thoughts, feelings, and anxieties, I believe that I can be speaking the language of others who are on the same quest as me.