About Me

Vegan, feminist, tree hugger, in love with cows, I feel like nature, my blood is sap.  Connected, I’m an animal, faithful to mine.

Strangely, I’ve been walking this far and yearn to go further.  I know the strength of rebirth that comes from my roots, which make me a tree, and that is why I react to the seasons;  Icy, defoliation.  Warm, I blossom.  Moon in Cancer with ascendant Gemini I was born in the summer and, even if it rains, revolutionary, I will always be, sun in an Aquarium. 

From São Paulo, I have a degree in Social Communication in Brazil, my bachelor’s degree is in Radio and TV. Postgraduate in Cultural Management: Culture, Development and Market and with a Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Innovation issued in Australia.

Looking for things that I don’t know how to name, I follow along with the Earth revolving around the sun, in an attempt to fail better, because not making a mistake is impossible.

This space is for telling stories, sharing thoughts and feelings, sharing experiences and pretentiously trying to inspire you through my lifestyle, my lack of discipline, search and discovery through cultural processes.

Casting director by vocation, cinephile, vegan, feminist, tree hugger, I have all the dreams in the world.