Travel · January 1, 2022


Photo By Michael Scheller

Even full of thoughts to share, the lack of alignment did not allow me to put them into words, so, I needed to put my soul in order before sharing myself here.

This post is an open letter about how I have transformed my life and searched for experiences that allow me to discover myself as an individual. As I have shared before, after a year and six months living in Melbourne I decided to move to Sydney, and after a year living in Dee Why, Northern Beaches I realized that I couldn’t belong to this city and needed to go ahead once again. 

Amidst a lot of insecurity, sleepless nights, and the urge to experience myself, the courage to live the dream blossomed and on past December 22nd, I started to move beyond the limits and cross the barriers that I believed life had imposed on me.

With the idea of ​​living in the present moment, each day at a time, I put myself in a van (and my partner Michael decided to come along) and started, in fact, to do what had always been my ideal when I arrived here – discovering Australia.

Without a script, I hope to see life happen on the road.

Photo by Michael Scheller

This is not the story of those who dropped everything, although much of what once belonged to me did not fit into this new lifestyle, I would say that I have been opening up space for what metaphysics has to teach me and that is why I am moving towards to this other way of living and challenging myself.

Still trying to find myself in a space and time that doesn’t require me in such a hurry, trying to align myself with the triggers that generate anxiety, the fullness of gratitude for seeing life every day, deciding at every moment what this day will be and allowing the natural, slow and ambiguously fast passage of hours for me, the reality of waking up each day in a new place gives me a kind of warmth, the fact that I don’t belong anywhere creates the feeling of belonging to myself and it makes me yet more present in the universe. 

Yesterday was the last day of 2021, in the last few days, in the last few hours the plans have changed quite a bit and they will continue to change; after traveling through some cities by the sea, we decided to leave the coast of Australia and heading inland. It meant finalizing the year and starting 2022 in an atypical way for me but after all, it put me in a state of peace.

Photo by Michael Scheller

PS: Pay attention to what you want; the universe puts in front of you what you ask it for and are prepared to receive.