Culture · November 20, 2021


Short Film – Tamo Junto

This week, the animated short film “Tamo Junto”, directed by Pedro Conti, produced by Flooul Animation had its premiere on YouTube.

The animation, which is out of the ordinary and features black characters, shows the lives of two neighbors who are fully connected during the period of the pandemic generated by COVID-19. Dona Edi and Dinho have the voices of actress Luciana Silveira and rapper Criolo to give the characters identity, the short film also features rapper Emicida.

The stories I tell in my work often explore topics that we can all relate to through the struggles of daily life.”

Pedro Conti in an interview (translated from Portuguese)

Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 611,000 people have lost their lives to COVID-19 in Brazil. The fear of losing one’s life or someone loved to the virus has haunted the daily lives of Brazilians since the beginning of the pandemic.

‘Tamo Junto’ was an attempt to vent the fears that COVID-19 brought with itself. I had lost my father short before the start of the pandemic in a very dramatic way and that fear had gripped me. I then lost a close friend from my childhood during the pandemic. The project was an attempt at healing through art.”

Pedro Conti (translated from Portuguese)

The short film, with an extremely sensitive script, aesthetically impeccable and full of representation, deserves our attention. Watch below: